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First things first…. jobs

Posted in START Working by Sondra on June 12, 2009
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While you’re writing your super amazing, sure-to-be bestseller, there simply has to be other cash flow. Being interested in all things writing — editing, proofreading, magazines, etc, etc — I’ve been trying to focus my job hunt in the publishing or media industry. Here are some helpful sites to find jobs and internships in the field. much more helpful for larger cities, and as the name implies, posts jobs for all things media. Copy Editors, Account Managers, Traffic Coordinators, Sales, and so on. I really do like this site and have applied to many jobs because of it. Get their email alerts!

Publisher’s Marketplace: As the tag says, this site “Track Deals, Sales, Reviews, Agents, Editors, and News” and they have a job board. You have to pay to see the Marketplace info (new book deals, etc) but the job board is free. And way more legit than craigslist! This site has a lot of info for those seeking internships as well. My gripe is that you can’t search them by locale… at least not that I know of. If you’re in New York, not to worry, but otherwise it’s a big pain to click through all of them just to see if they’re in your area. The job search is a whole lot easier to use. I’m actually considering unsubscribing from this one, but it’s probably best not to exclude anyone when you’re job hunting, so I’ll refrain from doing so. This is another site that doesn’t outright list locations, but that’s only in their notifications to you (trying to drive traffic to the site or something??). You can search by locale on their actual website. Doesn’t always seem to have too much, but they also list a decent amount of internships.

Aquent: This is an interesting one. More of a head-hunting resource, but you can post your resume and search for jobs. I haven’t had too much contact with them yet: I selected an agent based on my location and specific industry (there’s only a couple options) and the woman contacted me with a set of questions and a reminder to create my online profile. I was skeptical, but seems to be free. It takes a bit of time getting everything in, but you can upload any portfolio work and list websites you’ve worked on as well. We’ll see what happens with it. Getting more specific here, but the NNA is the National Newspaper Association and they support community newspapers. Although their job board is not exclusively for positions AT newspapers. Allstate had a posting the other day, and there really aren’t all that many postings. But a cool site nonetheless and you never know what could crop up. I really like this site, and would probably have liked it even more if I was still in college or just out of college. Seems incredibly useful for interning, and it’s basically a guide on entering the job world. But seeing how I have little magazine experience, which is their main focus, it’s pretty fitting for me now too. Oh, entry level! Again, there aren’t a ton of postings, but the ones that are there always seem pretty cool and would be great gigs. Plus, even if the job isn’t right for you, most of the time it’s for a company/mag you’ve never heard of, and that’s always worth checking out. Like the name implies! More convenient if you’re looking for reporting gigs, but they do claim to be all-things media. Postings can be seriously lacking in some states, too.

Obviously, I use and all the major ones. My tip with those is to refrain from searching by keywords. Perhaps that’s standard fair, but I feel way more comfortable searching by city/state and skimming over irrelevant listings, than I do entering a keyword and possibly excluding the perfect job because of a title or something silly. It’s really not that difficult doing it the other way, and if it’s not a standard practice on all the sites – it should be! Oh, and a note about Craigslist — can be worthwhile if you’re searching for a job in a major city. Not so much in smaller areas. Either way though, be always mindful of ‘scamming’, and this is not for those stupidly obvious scams, but for people simply trying to get your contact information. Sometimes, you can’t really tell which is which. Even if the company name isn’t listed, it could still be a legit job, so there may not be a way around that. However, after you apply, you’ll get an email back saying you need to finish the application process online to be considered. You’ll go to the site, they’ll ask if you want an online education from Phoenix, – blah blah blah – which you can decline and then they’ll ask for references. Not only do they get YOUR email and phone number, but they get your references’ as well. So don’t even bother with these sites. I got a million calls from Phoenix and now I get a ton of Spam. I tried to find the article, but apparently some of these companies go so far as to call you in for interviews!

I’m also about to try — might end up being a good resource.

I’ll be sure to list more sites as I continue my search!


Music is Free

Posted in Things I Like by Sondra on December 14, 2008
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I’ve tried a couple different online “radio” stations. Pandora, Musicovery (which was more on the way of what I was looking for), Yahoo Radio or whatever it’s called (I don’t know since it doesn’t work on Macs), and finally, Nutsie. Not quite sure where that name comes from. Ironic the most poorly named site is actually the best, at least if you’ve become afraid of downloading the songs you want illegally, which is what happened to me. At any rate, you can search for any song you want and save it to your playlist. You can listen to entire albums. Which, a flaw of the site, is sometimes tricky to get to. You search for the artist, then click on the name of the album, and it brings you to some video of said artist. As far as I know, getting to the album itself, you have to look to the right of the video and click on the album links there. Seems a bit of a run-around.

But I love it because you can listen to the popular crap out there that you know you’ll regret spending the money on a couple weeks later. You’ll buy an entire album only to see every single goddman song make it on the radio anyway, like a hundred times a day. And then you can listen to the good stuff. They have great playlists – the greatest rock songs of the 50s, or the 60s, and both hear and remember all the songs you always say to yourself “I should get that” and then subsequently forget to until the next time you hear it, and so on and so on. And it’s FREE.