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Posted in START Working by Sondra on August 8, 2009
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Looking at it from the mind of an annoying optimist, there is a good thing about all this job hunting and lack-of-employment-for-everyone. Stuff to read. (And from my perspective, stuff to write.)

This blog features an exec’s search for an assistant editor, and I’m looking forward to reading about his thoughts on the process.

Here’s an excerpt:

“‘Reading Resumes is Like Online Dating’

Honestly, going through resumes is akin to online dating: you pick and choose based on your own preferences. For example, in her cover letter, one applicant wrote of her move from Chicago to Alabama (where Southern Breeze is located): “In addition to awesome weather, where else can I order macaroni and cheese as a vegetable?”

Letting your humor shine is especially valuable, especially in this case since the assistant editor shares an office with me. I invited her in for an interview.”

That’s interesting. I’ve been trying to think of more creative ways to spruce up my cover letter. Unless I read more about cracking jokes, I’m not entirely sure I’ll go with this approach, but I’m definitely interested to find out what else I can do. So I’ll keep reading!