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Posted in START Working by Sondra on January 11, 2010

New Media Hire is a site strictly focused on jobs in the social media arena. It has the guise of being a network itself, where instead of “My Resume” you have “My Page”.

Recruiter Earth is another site like this. But you know, I really hate a site that doesn’t have an easily accessible ‘About Page’ (or perhaps none at all?). I know the internet is the ‘information-highway’ and all that, but I think it’s just bad form to have visitors move away from your main site to find out more about you. What I was able to find on their site was simply one sentence: “A Common area for HR, Corp. & Exec. Recruiters, Staffing, Researchers, & Candidates to connect, share ideas, educate and entertain!” So while it does say “Candidates”, this sounds like it’s not my industry, and I really don’t want to sign up to yet another network to find out if I’m wrong. At least you don’t need an account to read their Blogs.

Also check out this post from mediabistro. The image shows the Job Posting info on an employer’s Facebook page. I remember signing up for Facebook. My friend from Northeastern in Boston, which I think was one of the ‘test’ schools for the site, went on my computer and signed me up pretty much without asking. A lot of universities and colleges didn’t even allow Facebook back then. And then remember when they opened it up to anyone who at least attended high schools, and people created all those groups against letting ‘them‘ in?? Now your mother and grandmother can create accounts, and companies are posting jobs. Not a groundbreaking observation, by any means, but still noteworthy.


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  1. sean said,

    nice to see you’re writing… i would use less first person. first off, it’s a red flag for search engines that it’s opinionated content and therefore, less valuable because a lack of objective analysis.

    instead of making it personal when you write “I really hate a site that doesn’t have an easily accessible ‘About Page’ ” simply state things as facts as you see them, such as “the information architecture of recruiter earth is poorly constructed, site navigation in particular. the about page is buried somewhere on the site so it’s not immediately apparent who their core audience is. the site is meant for hr, management,… people so if your searching for a service position you can easily skip this online resource.”

    you want to provide the information that you yourself were looking for. however, visitors to your site don’t trust you so they have no reason to take your opinion as truth. if you write in an opinionated fashion people will (or you run the risk) ignore your content and move on. until your name can command an audience present your findings as they are w/out the injection of first person narration.

    however, the biggest problem w/ the style is that it adds unnecessary words. each word and sentence needs to contain only relevant data. writing for the web isn’t an exercise in great prose or creativity! simple, smart and short!

    here are some resources (just google writing for the web)

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