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Posted in START Working by Sondra on August 4, 2009
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A good, concise article on how to write for the web, as being on the web, it should be good, right?

If you’re new to the freelance writing world, I suggest you sign up for the job tips. They give good advice and provide examples on what resumes should look like, how and why other formats work – or don’t – and other info. I also like how they only provide one tip per email, and they usually stick to four or five paragraphs or so. Newsletter that have too much going on just get deleted.


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  1. Wulfgar said,

    Thanks for the link!
    Peace and many words to you!

  2. sebrieanna said,

    Thanks for your comment. You may want to check out ( When I signed up awhile ago, it had more of a story-writing focus, and now it’s moved into the social-networking arena (go figure) and become more… conversational. But there’s still that writing section where I think people post stories in parts quite frequently.

  3. horrorible said,

    Great post. Although it’s not my interest to seek employment in your line of work or the like, the article you direct to is a nugget of good information nonetheless. I’m new to the chase of getting my work published, and decided to test the waters with WordPress to see if what I write has some appeal. And at the moment, I’m putting up a single short story in weekly posts of parts, and the response has been surprisingly positive. I didn’t expect that, but welcome it of course. The article on writing for the web certainly hits the core for serious bloggers, and should be noted for those like myself who are trying to create a little buzz for the bigger picture. Thanks for sharing.

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