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Posted in START Working by Sondra on July 23, 2009
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I recently met with a contact to discuss my job hunting, and the woman mentioned to me that a lot of companies have strictly been hiring college grads from their CEO’s – or other C-Suite execs – own colleges. And that’s it. I thought that was kind of strange – what’s the point of it really? They just LOVED their school that much? Or they were so impressed with their own education, they figure every other student will come out of it top-notch? It was a little disheartening of course, but I didn’t devote too much time to it. I then recently came across this little article, and it looks like us job-hunters really do have something else to worry about.

So I guess, lawsuits aside, networking may be everyone’s saving grace. Hopefully, anyway.

Or, maybe you should just apply for jobs at the NY Times: “After losing $61.6 million last quarter, the New York Times company reported a gain of $39.1 million in the second quarter of 2009.”


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