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Music is Free

Posted in Things I Like by Sondra on December 14, 2008
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I’ve tried a couple different online “radio” stations. Pandora, Musicovery (which was more on the way of what I was looking for), Yahoo Radio or whatever it’s called (I don’t know since it doesn’t work on Macs), and finally, Nutsie. Not quite sure where that name comes from. Ironic the most poorly named site is actually the best, at least if you’ve become afraid of downloading the songs you want illegally, which is what happened to me. At any rate, you can search for any song you want and save it to your playlist. You can listen to entire albums. Which, a flaw of the site, is sometimes tricky to get to. You search for the artist, then click on the name of the album, and it brings you to some video of said artist. As far as I know, getting to the album itself, you have to look to the right of the video and click on the album links there. Seems a bit of a run-around.

But I love it because you can listen to the popular crap out there that you know you’ll regret spending the money on a couple weeks later. You’ll buy an entire album only to see every single goddman song make it on the radio anyway, like a hundred times a day. And then you can listen to the good stuff. They have great playlists – the greatest rock songs of the 50s, or the 60s, and both hear and remember all the songs you always say to yourself “I should get that” and then subsequently forget to until the next time you hear it, and so on and so on. And it’s FREE.


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  1. Dave Doctor said,

    Checked out Nutsie. thanks.

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